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     The SIOA is dedicated to preserving and protecting our most
precious of resources, water, for our communities, our environment
and our future.  To provide professional and educational
opportunities to our members as we strive to serve, educate, and
reach out to our communities.

     Established in 1972 as an organization, the SIOA has been
serving the needs of wastewater operators ever since.  Our members
are not only operators, but engineers, scientists, laboratory
personnel, supervisors, equipment manufacturers, suppliers,
governmental representatives and citizens throughout Southern
Indiana.  We offer an excellent network for you to meet with other
professionals in the wastewater treatment field to exchange and
discuss new ideas, technologies, developments, techniques and rules
and regulations.

     We strive to provide professional and educational opportunities to
our members.  We encourage networking, and to serve and reach out
to our communities.